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Writing Resources

Guides and Info for Prospective Writers

aw Writing


Basic information on writing for the game, includes an overview of using bracket notation to describe things like game logic. ex: [if big breasts]say this[end if]

example action & parser info

An example sex scene action writing, as well as details on how to specify parser calls without using code (bracket [] notation for writers).

Initial sex scene actions

Some information regarding the initial sex actions and positions that will exist, in case you wish to write kinky versions of these actions. (bondage, S&M, force, etc.)

Sex Scene


Document originally for a commissioned writer, explaining how the flow of sex scenes work, and how to write for them. Note that blog links in the doc are out of date!

Story Thread Writing Guide

Information on writing story thread items, including the basics of how the system works, the kind of content in a story thread, and some example story thread subjects.

ThaumX Writing Sample

A (longish) sample of writing from ThaumX used in the game Trials in Tainted Space. Be sure to look at the source doc linked inside to see how initial writing turns into game content!

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