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Name Submission Reward Rules

In order to ensure quality in Accidental Woman, and to ensure the value of adding a name for everyone, there are a few rules for submissions. Of course, if you have a question or would like a name used in a special or unusual way, please just let me know and we can figure it out. Discord is the fastest method for discussion, but you can also send a Patreon message or use another method.

  1. Names must be suitable for the way you want them used. Nobody (I hope!) would name their child "Jizz Goblin" so it isn't suitable as a real name. However, it could be used as a nickname! Similarly, "Ed" isn't going to work for the name of a restaurant, at least as it is ("Ed's Edibles" works). I'll work with you to get the name you want.

  2. Names for fixed and semi-fixed NPCs are first-come first-serve. You can submit a name along with a description of the kind of character you'd like it attached to, and I will use it when putting together the next relevant NPC. Very specific descriptions will probably take longer, or may not come up at all. If your name doesn't find a home, we can talk about using it a different way, or using a different name altogether.

  3. Names for places, stores, products, etc. can be submitted but doesn't necessarily mean that there will be special content written for it. Creative names are more likely to get used prominently. There will be numerous stores, restaurants, and entertainment spots, as well as various other things that could use a name.

  4. Names can be submitted to be included in one or more of the random name generators, and there are plenty of other possibilities limited only by your imagination. (You could name a clothing label, or a signature drink at the dance club, etc.)

  5. You can submit more than one name at a time, but using one of them counts as your name submission being fulfilled. (Of course, if I like them, I might use some or all of them.) If you submit multiple names, they can be names for different types of things, they don't have to be the same category (just specify what names are meant for what please).

  6. To be eligible for your submission, you must have two months successfully pledged in the $20 tier. This will allow your name to be used sooner than waiting for a specific dollar threshold. 

  7. You can have another name put into the game after you've reached the $120 mark. You get one new name every 6 months, essentially. I may offer the potential to "trade in" multiple names for a more detailed reward, however I don't want to make promises until I'm sure I can fulfill them.

  8. Pausing or lowering your pledge temporarily doesn't reset your progress towards a new name. It merely pushes back the next time you'd be eligible.

  9. Submit your names to me via a Patreon message.

I hope that makes everything clear for you, but please let me know if you have any questions!

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