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Dev Blog Archive & Index

I am glad you're here! There is a TON of information about AW that has been written in the dev blog, including numerous features about different systems and plans. Unfortunately, there's so much that it can be a bit difficult to find what you're looking for... That's what the index is about. It points out the blog entry or entries relevant to the most common questions about the game. If you don't see what you're looking for, there's still a good chance it's in a blog post... but you'll have to use a little Ctrl+f magic to find what you're looking for, or use the search features in Google Docs.


Newer entries are in the new dev blog!

November to December 2017
September to October 2017

Post Index

To use the index, find the date of the post you're interested in, click the link above that contains that date. Use the table of contents to quickly navigate to your desired post.

Volunteer Opportunity!

Help make the index better and easier to use for everyone. Anything, even just suggesting new topics and posts that match, would be appreciated!

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