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AW Tools

AW Tools are a collection of useful apps and tools that can help you with creating game content (for mods or submission) and customizing the game. (Or just bonus useful apps.) None of these tools are mandatory in any way; rather, they are part of my efforts to open AW to the community.

Matrix Tool

Version 0.7

A tool for visually generating the body part position data used for sex positions.

AWM Images

Version 1.1

Tool for compiling standard images into a loadable AWM file for mods or customization.

AI Tools

Version 1.5

Includes the neural network training tool, and the network compiler tool.

Date Convert

Version 1.0

Tool for converting standard Gregorian calendar dates into dates in the AW calendar.


Version 1.0

Tool to remove line breaks and fix invalid characters in text to make mod writing easier

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