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Thaumx's Development Promise

  1. I'm not perfect, and like anyone else I will probably make a few--hopefully minor--mistakes along the way. I will do my best to focus on fixing them when they happen, of course, but I will be honest and forthright about it with all of you as well. If I screw up, I'll tell you without a bunch of excuses or bullshit. (And I won't ignore you when you point out a mistake that I haven't noticed.)

  2. If something major happens, or I need time to take a personal vacation or deal with family matters, I won't take your money. I only want to accept your patronage if I've done the work to deserve it. I'll try to tell you in advance and set up Patreon not to charge you, but in case of a sudden unknown or bad timing making that impossible, I'll stop charging for the following month instead.

  3. It's too early to have a firm release schedule just yet, but once I establish one, I'll meet or exceed it. If I don't, I'll come up with some recompense for you. For a major lapse I'll go with promise number two in regards to billing. At some points the release schedule may have to change due to the nature of development. Occasionally the next new build may take longer because I'm working on a large 'chunk'. In both cases I'll tell you well in advance, not a few days before the next release is due.

  4. I won't drag on development to take advantage of your donations. I know the goal I'm shooting for, and I'll honestly work on getting there. I will check with you towards the end in regards to adding more content, but my plan is to wrap up AW and potentially start working on a new project.

  5. I will communicate. While the time I spend answering questions, writing blog posts, and doing other communications-type stuff does take away from time I'm working on the game, it's also important to keep you informed. Communication is a two way street, so to take advantage of the community to make the game better, I'll have to participate! However, I also won't spend a ton of time on it, as that would become counterproductive. If I can't answer a question or message right away (or it falls through the cracks, so to speak) know that it isn't because it isn't valuable, but because I only have so much time and have to prioritize development.

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