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erolich (content) commission

Content Commission Reward Rules

Adding a custom NPC, story content, or event chain isn't a minor task. That's why I have limited the number of people that can make this pledge. In a way, you could think of it as supporting the development of Accidental Woman by commissioning content. Much like commissioning artwork requires a skilled artist to spend hours of work to make your art, commissioning writing or technical work also takes hours of skilled labor. 

This means balancing the work involved against the probable expectations of those of you who would like to commission content. If I set aside too few hours, you might not get the reward you were hoping for. Because of this, I'm assuming a longer pledge duration so that more of your vision can be a reality. Outside of the AW world, I typically charge $50+ per hour for my time, depending on the work. That's not what I'm making from AW, and not what I expect from you for commissioning content, it's just a reference to keep in mind. By pledging at the $50 tier for one year, you'll be contributing $360 above the $20 tier, so I want to make sure you're getting value out of your contribution.

Commission Guarantee: Even in the unlikely event of Kanye becoming president, or Accidental Woman dying, I will honor your commission funds to the best of my ability. Obviously, if the problem is that I died in a preemptive strike kicking off WWIII, there won't be much I can do, but if I'm physically capable I'll do my best to honor your requests. That might be doing some writing, some sort of technical work for you, etc. that you'd like me to do. (Commiserate with your accumulated commission value.)

The reward is quite open to what you'd like added, so discuss what you'd like with me. It could even be a simple game mechanic or new sex position. The more detail behind your request, the more likely I'll be able to say whether or not it's possible, and suggest changes if it isn't.

  • Whatever the reward is, it can't "break" the game or violate the rule about forcing extreme content on people. (It can be extreme though.)

  • If I commit to a certain addition, I won't just drop it because I ran out of time. If it takes longer than I expected, I'll keep working on it. It might take a little bit longer to be done in that situation, but it should get done regardless.

  • Commissions will be worked on in order of pledge date, so the longer you've pledged at a tier, the earlier in the queue you are. This goes for requests that are received, so I'll work on the available request from the oldest patron, but I won't force anyone to wait for a patron that hasn't submitted a request.

  • Requests don't strictly have to be about the game. I could write something else for you, help you with a project of your own, or even just hang out and play video games. As long as it's reasonable, I'll try to do it for you.

  • A commission is for 1 day's work, about 8-12 hours depending on what it is. This is about 2,500 words of written content as an estimate. If I really like the idea behind your request, I might be willing/able to do more in-depth work on it that goes beyond a single day or two.

  • To submit a request, send a message on Patreon, or contact me on discord. 

  • To be eligible for a commission, you must pledge for 1 year, but I will start working with you on your request before that, and may actually start working on it (or even complete it) before the year is up. 

  • This pledge is recurring so you can do it more than once. I'll also allow a limited about of early payment if you're really anxious to have something done and don't want to wait. 

Most of all, thank you for your support of Accidental Woman!

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