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build version numbering

Using standard product numbering for a game that is still in development is a bit difficult. I also want to avoid confusion about what the most recent version is, as versions will be split into public and backer builds. For that reason, I will be using the following number scheme:

primary.major.minor - 0.00.0 [type] : (build)

Primary: Is the highest version number. This doesn't represent alpha/beta/release status, but exists to signify a major change that needs to be obvious for players to see. (also, we should hit release of 1.0 well before counting up that high in major builds

Major: These are main builds that have added content to the game. Typically a major version is released once per month. 

Minor: These are the smaller builds that happen during a month between major releases. They could be just bug fixes, but will also contain content and new items added to the game during the month.

[Type]: The type of release build, used to signify what features and extras are available. see builds

(Build): Used internally to differentiate each new build. The build number is incremented automatically when compiled, and is reset occasionally as needed.

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