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About accidental woman

I have played a lot of erotic games. While there were many good games out there, none provided the kind of experience I was looking for. Most felt shallow or incomplete. Eventually, I realized that if I wanted a game of the quality I was looking for, I'd have to make it myself. AW is the result.

  • An erotic fictional world to explore.

  • In-depth sex and relationships.

  • Woven story with the story thread system.

  • Highly detailed non-player character generation.

  • Rich life simulation without the repetitiveness of many recurring tasks.

  • Highly expandable and customizable.

 Welcome to Appletree

A relatively new town nestled in a small valley and surrounded by old-wood forests, Appletree is a planned community that was build to give employees of the Institute a place to live. Clean and beautiful, Appletree is a paradoxical town that manages to be both idyllic and active at the same time. No matter where you look at the town's calmly refined exterior, there's always something strange, exciting, or erotic hidden just under the surface. It's probably thanks to the unique people who live there; the scientists, engineers, and other employees who work for the institute. Whatever the reason, the town definitely isn't what it seems.

 Playing the Game

Accidental Woman is an interactive fiction life simulation game. Players are thrown into managing the life of a woman living in a new--and decidedly strange--town. Most of the game content consists of written fiction, while some art is included for maps and locations, as well as player and NPC portraits. AW is imaginative erotica, rather than a porn delivery vessel.


Players will take control of their character's life, leading them in the direction they find most interesting. Players will build relationships and maintain them, and access erotic content within (or outside!) the relationships they've built. They'll also keep their character alive, keeping them fed and sane, or perhaps just watch their character fall apart at the seams. Players will struggle with employment and managing their character's life from fashion and home decor to friendship and mental health. Players can guide their character to outstanding success, or watch them devolve into a sex addict with a drug problem. Along the way, they'll deal with the unique circumstances surrounding Appletree, the Institute, and their own Transformation.

 Play Your Way

By controlling the creation of the player character, and the NPCs that inhabit the world, players can experience numerous scenarios. Perhaps a PC that doesn't want kids, in a world inhabited by NPCs that really want to impregnate her. Maybe a PC who becomes addicted to orgies or cum, or a PC determined to live the high life by becoming a high-class prostitute. A PC may even decide to be a gold digger, dating a wealthy man for his money, while trying to keep her infidelity secret because her boyfriend can't or won't satisfy her. The idea with Accidental Woman is to create a game that makes all these stories--and many more--possible inside an organic simulation.

The mechanics of life simulation exist, but are designed to stay out of the way to let the player focus on the aspects of the simulation they enjoy the most. The idea is to create a life sim game that allows a lot of variety and control over the player character in a richly-detailed world, while providing plenty of opportunities for players to experiment, explore, and challenge themselves with different player characters. 


The goal is to provide rich and complex mechanics and story arcs in a reward-focused way. Some people will enjoy customizing clothing and hunting for clothes with better stats. Others won't. Spending a great deal of time on clothing isn't necessary at all, but doing so confers a reward based on structured diminishing returns. A player could spend 15 minutes of an entire play-through on clothing, or they could spend hours. They can fine tune what their character wears from day-to-day or occasion-to-occasion, or set the automatic system once and forget about it. With fiction and story arcs, it's up to the player what they want to experience. They could mostly ignore all the story potential out there and focus on other things, or they could dig down into the perversely dark underbelly of the game world. 

 Procedurally generated npcs

An important part of making a rich and varied world to explore is having a variety of NPCs to populate it. Accidental Woman has approximately 350 variables planned for each NPC, detailing specifics of their appearance, performance in bed, preferences, relationships, behavior, schedule, and their own unique stories.

The game takes a blended approach to NPCs, with only a few 'fixed' NPCs that stay the same from play-through to play-through. Many of the supporting characters use a blend of fixed and random attributes and stories. The majority of Appletree's people are made up of procedurally generated NPC characters. Unlike most life sim games, however, generated NPCs use a story thread system. The story threads are composed of several elements that are randomly combined into unique stories. These inform the character's behavior and personality, and provide depth to NPCs that are typically only differentiated by appearance and a few personality archetypes in other games.

It's not enough that NPCs be complex, however. Players should also be able to customize NPC generation with some simple options, or use the NPC editor to specify detailed NPC settings, and save those settings as template files that can be shared.

 The Game Story

Story is broken up into a few different sections: 

  • Main story - essentially turning into a woman (or being chased to Appletree later on) and the progress the player makes or doesn't make towards resolving that. A fairly non-invasive story line that comes into play in the prologue and to a variable extent towards the end of the game.

  • NPC story lines split into two types. permanent NPC stories, such as with Lily, and the story thread system with generated NPCs.

  • Job story lines, based on your employment

  • Environment story lines, which are different arcs not focused on a specific NPC, such as joining a cult.

  • Random events

  • Most importantly, the story the players develop for themselves.

Most story arcs are independent of each other, with only some having a broader consequence for the game world. (you're playing a fairly normal non-epic person, so you wouldn't expect a whole town to react to your escapades with the book club.)

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