Upcoming Releases

These dates are estimates, and though uncommon, may change. Check the dev blog for the most up-to-date information.

nEwest bUILD rELEASE (1.04):


June 4


Note: multi-day delay is possible for 1.04

I try to follow a regular schedule for releases, with actual release days adjusted slightly based on development and the reality of the calendar. In general, there is one new version release per month. This release (version 0.XX.0) happens at the beginning of the month, typically on the 5th to 7th.


The 1$ [patron] release occurs on the same day, one version behind the most recent. (1 month behind).

The free [public] release occurs within a couple of days of the main release and is two versions behind the most recent (2 months behind). 

Minor releases (0.00.X) occur as-needed to solve game-breaking bugs or major issues. Patron and public releases will always use the most up-to-date minor version.