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Upcoming Releases

These dates are estimates, and though uncommon, may change. Check the dev blog for the most up-to-date information.

nEwest bUILD rELEASE (0.31):

FEB 05


Jan 25


FEB 12

I try to follow a regular schedule for releases, with actual release days adjusted slightly based on development and the reality of the calendar. In general, there is one new version release per month. This release (version 0.XX.0) happens at the beginning of the month. The 1$ Patron release occurs about 1 week before the end of the month on a convenient day (3ish weeks behind). The public release occurs about 1 week from the beginning of the month on a convenient day (1 month & 1 week behind). This schedule avoids the complications of making two releases within the same couple days, which was fraught with complications in the past.

Future Releases!

To give everyone a better idea of what's coming next without waiting on (or reading) the post-release dev blog post on the month's plans, I'm adding this future releases section. Note that this information is a little more tentative because we're talking months in the future, and small changes, delays, and general tomfuckery can cause bigger changes down the line. This also doesn't include Besty's work, as it tends to be more miscellaneous in nature.

Last Updated: December 10th

Version 0.28

Release: Beginning of November

Main Content: Content Expansion ~ Story Quests, World & Job Content

Version 0.29

Release: Beginning of December

Main Content: Content Expansion ~ Quests, Events, Sex System Expansion 

Version 0.30

Release: Beginning of January

Main Content: Content Expansion ~ General Content, Body Portraits

Version 0.31

Release: Beginning of February

Main Content: Content Expansion ~ Storyline Content, Sex System Expansion

Version 0.32

Release: Beginning of March

Main Content: Content Expansion ~ Storyline Content, Storyline Ending (initial)

Version 0.33

Release: Beginning of April

Main Content: Content Expansion ~ Ending Content, World & Job content

Version 0.34

Release: Beginning of May

Main Content: Content Expansion ~ World & Job content, Relationships Expansion