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Game Requirements

  • A computer: Windows, Mac, and Linux are all fine. However, the game does not currently support play on mobile devices. 

  • An up-to-date modern browser. 

    • Webkit-based (google) is prefered: Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, etc.

    • Mozilla Firefox (quantum - 57+) works well, but there are some stylistic issues due to the differences with Gecko.

    • Safari works, but only on mac systems. Prefer one of the above.

    • Do NOT use: Edge, Explorer, Mozilla Firefox pre 57, or any mini browsers.

  • For the best experience, a 1080p or larger display is recommended (smaller displays can be used with zoom settings).

  • Reasonable computer performance. Computers with low specs should limit browser tabs and open applications to avoid poor performance. 2GB of RAM is required, 4GB+ is recommended. 

  • You must have JavaScript enabled to play the game (it is by default).

  • Local storage must be enabled in your browser (it is by default).

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