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The previous troubleshooting document is in need of some major updates, as the game has changed significantly since it was last updated. As many of the more technical system/browser related issues have been resolved, I'll be posting new troubleshooting information here as problems are encountered. Please let me know if you run into any problems (via Discord, Patreon, or email) and I'll do my best to help. If you ask on discord, some of the others may also be able to help immediately in case I happen to be sleeping or otherwise occupied with pesky biological tasks.

If you're experiencing new issues and/or bugs that you haven't seen before, you should definitely check out the "known issues" and "compatibility" sections of the change log!  Sometimes the solution to your issue is right there! :D

Live Help

Common Troublemakers:

AWRs (Accidental Woman Resource files): Check the "HOW TO: AWR Files" page in the help menu above if you're having issues loading images. Note that the game does not work on mobile devices because the OS usually does not allow loading discrete resource files from the filesystem.

Incompatible Browser: Incompatible (usually out-of-date) browsers may appear to work at first, but can cause a whole host of issues, primarily due to compatibility issues with JavaScript (ES6). Unlike most twine games, AW utilizes a huge amount of JavaScript to run the game, so don't assume that AW should work because another game does. Besides, having an up-to-date browser is important for your security while surfing the tubes of the interweb!

Script Blockers: While the game should catch any instance where JavaScript is disabled and alert you to the issue, I can't guarantee the warning will always work. If for some reason you load the page and nothing seems to happen, a script blocker app/extension is the most likely cause.

Local Storage: AW utilizes local storage for several purposes: game saves, keeping track of unlocks and achievements, and improving game performance, to name a few. If you have your browser set to refuse saving data (a common feature of 'incognito' modes) the game won't work properly. The settings for this depend on the browser, and there is usually an option to whitelist a specific website (in this case, AW). Sometimes the use of local storage is rolled-in or combined with cookies, though this game does not actually use cookies.

     Another issue to look out for is the total size of the storage allocated to websites. Depending on the amount allowed by your browser, you may not be able to use all of the save slots, or may even experience issues related to NPCs. As long as you haven't changed the default settings, this shouldn't be an issue.

Security Software: Though unlikely, certain security programs (antivirus, for example) can prohibit reading local files from protected directories. Usually there will be an alert of some kind if access is blocked, and the files in question should be recognizable (such as the .awr files). You can whitelist AW, or simply move the game to an accessible directory.

 Screen resolution

While the guide provided on detecting a low resolution is fairly complete, it may not work in every possible situation/setup. It might also be uncomfortable or undesirable to adjust your system settings for an H-game!

One fix that should work regardless of your particular settings is to use browser scaling (zoom) to allow more to fit on the screen. I have tested this on several setups successfully, but only with chrome-based browsers (specifically: Chromium, Chrome, Vivaldi). If you are using Chrome, click on the menu button (top right, to the right of the url box) and you will see a setting for zoom. You can reduce this below 100%, by clicking the minus button. It will decrease in 10% increments. just do this until you can see the game display comfortably. This also has the advantage of not affecting anything on your computer outside of the one browser tab containing Accidental Woman.

If you have a smaller monitor, perhaps 1280x720, this will still work, though the text may be a little small. Change the text size (in the settings menu) to a larger setting to make it easier to read. On a 1280x720 monitor, adjusting the zoom to 90% should be sufficient for most of the game, especially if you use fullscreen (press F11).

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