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Special problems

Solutions to unique problems related to uncommon circumstances (such as a unique system setup)  and/or specific release version.

Version 0.13.1 - Resource Loading - Rare

In rare circumstances, this version won't properly load the game's resource files due to a switch to an improved loading method. Unfortunately in some cases, part of the game loading process finishes too early, resulting in a failure of images to properly be imported. This is fixed in version 13.5, but there is a temporary solution if you are experiencing this issue. 

Contains game file with fix already applied. Download and replace the original game file with this one. (be sure to extract it, of course!)


<script src="resources/AWprimary.awr"></script> <script src="resources/Ainfo.awr"></script> <script src="resources/Binterface.awr"></script> <script src="resources/Cmisc.awr"></script> <script src="resources/Dmap.awr"></script> <script src="resources/Eassets.awr"></script> <script src="resources/Fportrait.awr"></script>

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