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 An Adult Life Sim Game

Developed by ThaumX, Made Possible by the Community



Accidental Woman is still in development, but the main game is complete.

Technically, Accidental Woman is a complete game where you can live a complete simulated life, work, fall in love, get married, have lots of sex and sexy encounters, and resolve the story of how your character became the Accidental Woman in a new city. Even though you can play a complete experience with over 3.5 million words of content, we're constantly working on adding more and improving the game itself. We're in a continuing cycle of scope expansions, where we work to add major features voted on by our supporters. We've already added the ability to play a futanari character, with support throughout the game. Currently we're working on a unique complete-experience of living your character's life as a hucow, and we're adding a new (optional) card-based sex system. What comes next is up to you, but it could be a major transformation expansion.

Thanks to the support of generous patrons, Accidental Woman keeps getting better and better!

 Different By Design

Accidental Woman provides a unique combination of game elements, having the many options and open-world play of a life sim game, but also including rich fiction and numerous plot threads throughout. It features high-quality erotic writing that is written to accommodate the uniqueness of the PC and NPCs, while still allowing control of individual actions in an encounter. The game also features a detailed NPC generator (along with player customization of the generator) and will have an NPC editor that allows players to create custom NPCs to populate Appletree.


 A World Rich in Detail

Appletree is more than just a random town to hold an average story. Muschi Valley, the Thornton Institute, and the city of Appletree are all part of rich fictional setting in the near-future year of 2032.

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