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 An Adult Life Sim Game

Developed by ThaumX, Made Possible by the Community



Accidental Woman is still in development, and many features are still incomplete.

At the moment, a lot of coding work is being done to build a proper foundation for the game. Right now there isn't much to do after finishing the prologue portion of the game, though more game play mechanics and content are being added at a rapid pace.​ Accidental Woman will be a deep and detailed game, featuring complex procedurally-generated NPCs, interconnected simulation mechanics, and highly-controllable sex scenes. The objectives for a game of AW's scope necessitates a longer early-development phase. Accidental Woman is also somewhat unique in the level of support for customization/modding included as part of the design. Thanks to the support of generous patrons on Patreon, the AW dream is quickly becoming a reality!

 Different By Design

Accidental Woman provides a unique combination of game elements, having the many options and open-world play of a life sim game, but also including rich fiction and numerous plot threads throughout. It features high-quality erotic writing that is written to accommodate the uniqueness of the PC and NPCs, while still allowing control of individual actions in an encounter. The game also features a detailed NPC generator (along with player customization of the generator) and will have an NPC editor that allows players to create custom NPCs to populate Appletree.


 A World Rich in Detail

Appletree is more than just a random town to hold an average story. Muschi Valley, the Thornton Institute, and the city of Appletree are all part of rich fictional setting in the near-future year of 2032.

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