Status Bars

Just a quick update today before getting back to work. I took a "break" from coding the Day System, and put in the status bars that go in the Status View. The picture above shows what they look like, though obviously you can't see the changes in color that happen when a stat starts getting too low (or high). The addiction bar shows the highest addiction, while the birth control bar displays pregnancy risk or pregnancy gestation depending on what's appropriate. 
So back to coding for me, gotta make sure all those stats interact properly with the game clock!

Dev Plans & Upcoming Work

So I took a good chunk of time to think about how Accidental Woman would work, and what sort of game it'd be. I started back in May. I didn't start actually working on the game until the beginning on July, releasing the first public version about a month later. When I first broke development up into phases (that I'm calling stages), I was trying to break them up into roughly-equal chunks. As you can see in the timeline above, and Gantt chart below, this didn't quite hold up in the later stages of planning.
I was originally planning on taking about 4 months for each of the 7 stages, meaning development would take 2 years and 4 months from zero to 1.0. I figured this would give me a nice 8 month buffer for the 3 year deadline I set for myself with development. Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy, so the timelines for different stages are a bit different. With better planning, I settled on the general outline below. My finished plan takes 2 years and 6 month…

Version 0.02.3 Change Log

So, a lot of "behind-the-scenes" type stuff with this release, a lot of coding work primarily. I've been focusing on building the framework a bit faster as I mentioned, so there's no new story content with Lily. (She's basically going to do a little birds & bees talk and introduce the player to grooming.) The wardrobe system has been improved, and the entire grooming system has been added. There's also myriad other small additions and improvements. Just shy of 158,000 words in this release :)
Now that this is out, I'm going to take a short break. I haven't had a "day off" from AW in a long time, so I'd like to spend a little time with my family and let my plans percolate a bit on what's up next. I'll be back Monday morning (U.S. time) with a post on my development plans & time frame, and what I'll be working on for the next release. See you then! 0.02.3 Change Log:Story Stats: Story Passages: 111  Words: 157,869
Updated …

Executable Test & Patreon Poll Results

Testing an Executable Version of Accidental WomanIn the screenshot above, you probably noticed an in-progress look at part of the grooming menu. What you may not have noticed was that that version of AW is running in it's own window, separate from a browser. 
This was a bit of a test for now, but it's good to know that a switch is possible, as it expands the possibilities for running smoothly even with a large amount of image assets. The .exe version doesn't require any extra software, and doesn't need to be installed. (I'm using Node.js and Chromium to compile, in case you're curious.)
As part of the test I compiled executable versions for 64 & 32 bit Windows and Linux. I compiled a Mac version, but have no way of testing it myself, because I don't have one. For now, I'll be sticking with the html file format to run in your browser, as there's no reason to switch yet. I'm sharing just to let you know that I'm doing my best to watch out …

Extensible Style

Unlike clothing, it doesn't make much sense to randomly generate things like hairstyles, makeup styles, and jewelry. The most common examples of style options I've seen usually involve some code that allows the player to select from a few different options, and then set the game's variables based on that choice. The problem with this is that it often requires new code for each instance where the style might be affected, or simply reusing the same menu/location/process each time. (An example of this can be found in Girl Life, where a "mirror" location is reused to set makeup, and is presented as a link to the location from any bathroom.)
Depending on how it's done, this method can work quite well, and even save some time setting up (depending on the complexity). Girl Life's mirror, to follow the earlier example, works perfectly fine. A common limitation of this methodology, and what I'm trying to avoid in general, is the difficulty or extra time needed …

Version 0.02.2 Public Release & Plans

Version 0.02.2 [public] has been released! See the version change log post for information on this version. As a reminder, you can access the wardrobe by entering the fitting room in the Bullseye Ubercenter. (Go to the women's clothing area, and click the "fitting room" link.)
Work for the Next Release: I'm really going to start focusing on the code framework, which seems to be the preference of most people. That'll let us get to "open" play a little faster. It'll also mean some placeholder story text, as it takes longer word-for-word to write story than to write code. I've been trying to structure the prologue/tutorial section so that I can introduce new systems as I code them, because otherwise it'd be really hard to show you the work being done. When the prologue portion is finished, there's going to be a "skip" button... I know it's pretty long! Thanks for having patience while I do my best to build a solid foundation …

Version 0.02.2 Information

It's been one month since I released the first public version, and the response has been overwhelming. I also think we've made some really good progress from that first release! The public version of 0.02.2 will be released on the 8th of SeptemberIf you haven't yet, come check out the Discord Server! It's been fun talking with all of you, and it makes it really easy to share what I'm working on and post little previews without having to take the time to make an entire Patreon post.
Lots of changes this time around, particularly if you haven't seen version 0.02.1 or 0.02.0. My work has been spread out a bit, and I worked on a lot things beyond what I promised for this release. I had a snafu or two because I had to re-think how I would implement the wardrobe system. Originally I had been planning on using arrays of objects to store the needed information, but the Twine state/history system prevents that because it doesn't make deep copies of objects. However, …